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Want to sell your house faster? #DETAILS

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

Looking to renovate & sell your house quickly? ...

It’s ALL in the Details!  

Have you thought about buying a fixer upper to sell as an investment? OR maybe you are looking to sell your home quickly? Either way you may have questions on how to sell your house faster, and we want to help! That’s why we created this check list. After renovating and selling houses over the past 12 years, along with coaching others how to successfully fix & flip houses, we’ve compiled a list of the most important- yet seemingly little- details that often get overlooked by the homeowner, yet will keep your property from selling before the other listings! This checklist was created to help your house fly off the market, because through our own experience we’ve proven that this list worked for us! After all… It’s ALL in the Details! 

Check YES to the following before listing your property!

_____Do all hardware finishes match, and are they in good...


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